i hate clichés

I hate clichés. I use clichés. Clichés are useful and often appropriate. Clichés suck! Grrrr…. Particularly, in my mental health adventure they seem to be omnipresent. It must be a comfort thing, something familiar. This too shall pass is my favourite. Not in just my decade of debilitating illness, but in life generally. It fitsContinue reading “i hate clichés”

the intersection of generations and mental health

Lately I’ve found myself arguing in support of generations that are younger tham me. I am technically a Gen Xer. My birth falls well within the dates and I readily identify (or understand) with the stereotypes applied. However, I am the mother, coworker, teacher, and student of millenials. I feel millenials are worlds away fromContinue reading “the intersection of generations and mental health”